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AppCodeLoader AutoPatch Matrix Switcher 32Bit Firmware Upgrade Utility We highly recommend that you only upgrade firmware when specifically directed by AMX AutoPatch Group Technical Support. There are some combinations of firmware and hardware that Amx autopatch precis manualidades not function correctly.

Supports the following AutoPatch Matrix Switchers: PrecisPrecis The Precis SD can be controlled by attaching an external control devicesystem to the CONTROL port or to the REMOTE port, which uses AutoPatch XNNet protocol for AMX AutoPatch devices. The professional solution for HD signal distribution, the Precis LT component stereo matrix switchers are designed to route HDTVComponent video and stereo audio signals. Video input and output signals are connected via RCA connectors. Unbalanced audio signals are supported and connected via RCA connectors.

precis lt data sheet The most compact of the Precis line, the Precis LT is designed to provide AutoPatchs superior matrix switching performance in a Instruction Manual AMX AutoPatch Communication Protocol BCS (Basic Control Structure) Protocol REV J:.

Contents Instruction Manual BCS Basic Control Structure Protocol i adjustments to tone and balance are available on the Precis DSP). In a command string, each character is either a general command (e. g.D for APControl can be customized to fit the needs of your installation.

Simply create CrossBar views for different Virtual Matrix configurations within the same system, then change background colors, and add custom text and icons as desired. Find great deals on eBay for Autopatch Precis Matrix Switcher. Shop with confidence. When using and installing your AMX product, adhere to the following basic safety precautions. For more information about operating, installing, or servicing your AMX product, see your product documentation.

Read and understand all instructions before using and installing AMX products. Use the correct voltage range for your AMX product. Support resources for your AMX products including faqs, manuals, product registration and service centers. Read and understand all instructions before using and installing AMX AutoPatch products. Use the correct voltage range for your AMX AutoPatch product. There are no user serviceable parts inside an AMX AutoPatch product; service should be done only by qualified personnel.

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