Sipomer pam 5000 manual

Ethylmethacrylate Phosphate; Alkyl Methacrylate Phosphate, Sipomer PAM4000 incorporated into acrylic or styrene acrylic systems improves adhesion to metallic substrates. It also enhances properties such as polymer stability and Product Detail productName In the website In the product catalog. menu; Company Sipomer PAM5000 by Solvay is a speciality monomer soluble in water. Compatible with styrene acrylic latex system. Improves scrub resistance in high PVC paint SIPOMER PAM300.

Technical DataSheet Supplied by Rhodia (Solvay Group) Phosphate esters of PPG monoacrylate. Acts as an acrylic functional monomer. Can copolymerize with various common monomers by radical polymerization to form water and solvent based, or 100 solid resins. Is compatible with a variety of different Sipomer PAM4000 Print Send Share.

by SpecialChem. Feedback. Feedback. Sipomer PAM4000. Technical DataSheet Supplied by Rhodia (Solvay Group) Sipomer PAM 100; Sipomer PAM 200; Sipomer PAM5000; View All. From this supplier. 55 products View; Help us improve the Universal Selector. SIPOMER PAM200 by Rhodia Solvay Group is a phosphate esters of PPG monomethacrylate. Its incorporation into acrylic resin systems improves adhesion to Solvay SIPOMER PAM200 Phosphate Esters of Ppg Monomethacrylate Category: Fluid Material Notes: Description: Sipomer PAM200 incorporated into acrylic resin systems improves adhesion to metallic substrates and glass.

Sipomer PAM 4000: Waterborne architectural coatings. Suitable for Acrylic& Styrene Acrylics Hylar 5000 and 301F are PVDF grades formulated for coatings. These versatile polymers possess the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments.

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