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Go to Flukes website for Manual Supplement Index 2 Users. 2 917. Change# 5., 215, 221, 486. On page D 1, move. Battery Lifeto page D 2 under. General Specifications. On page D2, add a. General Fluke Networks warranty obligation is limited, at Fluke Networks option, to refund of the purchase price, free of charge repair, or replacement of a defective product which is returned to a Fluke Networks authorized service center within the warranty period.

The Index 2 XLFE Pulse Oximeter Tester and Simulator is a lightweight, portable tool that allows medical technicians to diagnose and isolate problems with their pulse oximeter equipment quickly and efficiently. The probe test also identifies defective probes with quantitative results. 1 OneTouch Series II Network Assistant Introduction This manual helps you become familiar with and quickly begin using your OneTouch Series II Network Assistant, hereafter referred to as the Network Fluke Biomedical agrees to a limited copyright release that a llows you to reproduce manuals and other printed materials for use in service training programs and other technical publications.

If you would like other reproductions or distributions, submit a The Fluke 1507 is a versatile, compact, handheld insulation tester for advanced industrial and electrical insulation testing.

Its multiple test voltages make it the ideal tool for many troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications. Fluke tends to be more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Chas B from Time Saver I CANCSAC22. 2 601. 1. 56 Testing with the Fluke SPOTLight simulator. 70 Warning: Consult your physician for normal ranges for SpO2 and heart rate for (The index finger is preferred.

). Warranty and Product Support Fluke Biomedical warrants this instrument against defects in materials and workmanship for one full year from the date of original purchase. Fluke Biomedical Index 2MF User Manual. Page 2. Fluke Biomedical. This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse or as the result of service or modification by other than Fluke Biomedical. IN NO EVENT SHALL FLUKE BIOMEDICAL BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

Index. Fluke index 2 manual List of Tables The Fluke 726 Multifunction Process Calibrator (referred to as the Calibrator) is a handheld, batteryoperated instrument that measures and sources electrical and Users Manual 2 Table 1.

Summary of Source and Measure Functions Flukes warranty obligation is limited, at Flukes option, to refund of the purchase price, free of charge repair, or replacement of a defective product which is re turned to a Fluke authorized service center within the warranty period. Technical Data Index 2 Pulse Oximeter Simulator The Index 2 is the most versatile optical simulator for oximeters on the market today. This lightweight, portable tool includes preloaded

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