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Paper for Android, and Windows Our team is currently not large enough to focus on more than one platform, but we do appreciate knowing that the demand is out there. We certainly would love to expand Paper to other platforms and devices when we have the resources to do so. Submit a request. Can't find an answer to your questions in one of our articles? Submit a new request to our support team.

It features pressuresensing technology and is meant to be used with the companys awardwinning sketchbook app, Paper, which won Apples 2012 iPad App of the Year. FiftyThree employs 28 in Paper by 53 for iPad is exactly what the name implies, a fresh canvas ready and waiting for your ideas, inspiration, and art. While hand drawing and handwriting notetaking apps are nothing new to the iPad or App Store, Paper feels qualitatively different in kind.

Learn how to use Pencil by FiftyThree and features like Blend and Surface Pressure to pull off impressive effects and techniques in Paper for iPad and iPhone. Tools. Obviously youll need an iPad I use a 3rd generation with the nice retina screen.

Paper by FiftyThree for iOS is my sketching app of choice. Its a free download, but youll want to buy the additional brushes, pens, and Color Mixer my favorites are the 53 paper app manual and watercolor brush. Paper is the immersive sketching app for capturing ideas anywhere. Beloved by 25 million people who sketch, handwrite notes, draft, diagram, and give form to their ideas. Much like Paper, the genius behind Pencil is what you dont seeall that invisible effort that makes it just work.

FiftyThree debuts the best iPad stylus yet. It's a bold move to name a drawing app Paper and a stylus Pencil, but after testing them both, we feel it's safe to say they nailed it. Apr 29, 2016 A brief introduction to the digital sketching app Paper by 53

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