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The burners and baskets manufactured by Lindstrand Balloons which may be used in Refer to applicable Lindstrand Flight Manual.

FLIGHT Page 4 Issue 5 03 May 2013. 5 Basket Refer to applicable Lindstrand Flight Manual. BALLOON MAINTENANCE, HANDLING AND CARE Refer to the applicable Lindstrand Flight Manual. Note: The use LINDSTRAND BALLOONS MAINTENANCE MANUAL For use with all Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons LINDSTRAND BALLOONS MAESBURY ROAD 6. 1 PreFlight Inspection 6. 2 100 HourAnnual Inspection All major components of Lindstrand hot air balloons are identified by a serial number and a description.

These are European Aviation Safety Agency EASA TYPECERTIFICATE DATA SHEET LINDSTRAND S TYPE HOT AIR BALLOONS Manned Free Hot Air Balloons 3.

Equipment: Equipment is listed in the Approved Lindstrand Balloons Flight Manual Issue 1. 35 or later approved EASA revision. 4. Envelope: Refer to Section 2 and Lindstrand Balloons Flight Manual and Maintenance Manual Revision 2.

2 March 2014. 2. 2 Maintenance Manual. 2. 2 MM Revised pages Only. Inspection Checklist 2. 2 (Appendix A) Damage& Inspection charts 2. 2 (Appendix B) There are basically two manuals Lindstrand balloons flight manual p-51 to operate a balloon. Flight Manual Amongst other things, it tells you how to make it go up and down, the bits and bobs that you can use with it and how many cylinders of gas you can cram into it.

Lindstrand Technologies Limited (LTL) TCDS LTL Hot Air Balloons EASA. BA. 026 Issue 08. TCDS This Flight Manual applies to all natural shaped Lindstrand Balloons balloons. For special shaped balloons it must be used in conjunction with the relevant special shape Flight Manual Supplement. HOT AIR BALLOON MAINTENANCE MANUAL Lindstrand Technologies Ltd Maesbury Road Oswestry Shropshire opening of the parachute valve can be used to cool the balloon.

Some Lindstrand Technologies balloons flight. Lindstrand Technologies produce the following envelopes: Balloon Type Volume FAI Class STCs and a Used Balloon Purchase.

By: Garry Haruska burners and fuel cylinders manufactured by Lindstrand Balloons may be used in conjunction with a Cameron Balloons envelope. This installation is subject to the operations and limitations given in the Model specific approved Cameron Balloons Flight Manual Supplement. The approved Model LINDSTRAND BALLOONS USA MANUAL FOR CONTINUED AIRWORTHINESS LINDSTRAND BALLOONS USA Dandar Street Galena, IL Lindstrand Balloons manufactures 12, 20, 24, 28 and 32 gore envelopes. Inflight venting of hot air and the final envelope deflation is achieved using a parachute valve which is situated at At Lindstrand Technologies Ltd, you will find the widest possible range of inhouse trades, skills and technologies, as well as world class research and development facilities.

These provide you with a one stop shop for all your ballooning needs. Posted in Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Flight Instruction, Hot Air Balloon Sales, Hot Air Ballooning, Learn to fly, Lindstrand Balloons, Lindstrand Balloons USA, Lindstrand X Racer, Uncategorized, Used Hot Air Balloons, X Series Lindstrand Racer Tagged Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Lindstrand Balloons USA Leave a comment LINDSTRAND TECHNOLOGIES LTD FLIGHT MANUAL For use with HiFlyer Tethered Balloons Lindstrand Technologies Ltd Maesbury Road Oswestry Shropshire SY10 8HA The Lindstrand HiFlyer Tethered Balloon is a system which allows up to 30 passengers and one operator to be lifted to a height of approximately 160m (488 ft) in order to provide an excellent

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