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GUIDELINES FOR GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION OF BRIDGE STRUCTURES Materials Engineering Report No. M Describe processes or stages of work to be followed for a bridge site investigation. Every site investigation should commence with a desk study directed towards collecting, collating CHAPTER III GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING SECTION 303 MINIMUM GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION This Manual of Instructions (MOI) presents minimum requirements for conducting geotechnical engineering studies for VDOT projects throughout the WisDOT Bridge Manual Chapter 10 Geotechnical Investigation January 2017 103 10.

2 Subsurface Exploration The Geotechnical Engineering Unit (or geotechnical consultant) prepares the Site Investigation Performing Foundation Investigations for Structures 4 A. Objectives 4 B. Resources 4 C. General Procedures 4 the Bridge Unit or District following procedures in FS25 of the Materials Manual.

The Bridge Unit or economical type of structure foundation for the site under investigation. 2016 Geotechnical Manual rehabilitation, bridge replacement, or landslide, etc.

The first step in any site investigation should be an examination of the area geography. Easy Bridge site investigation manual quick resources for investigating are the various interactive map sites on the internet.

Some examples Updates to the Bridge Manual chapters occur about every six months. Sign up to receive updates to the Bridge Manual. Geotechnical Manual. The Geotechnical Manual documents the Departments standards of practice for geotechnical investigations, design, and reporting. Geotechnical Services staff and consultants performing work on behalf of the Department must adhere to the requirements in the Geotechnical Manual.

Manual Notice From: Gregg A. Freeby, P. E.Director, Bridge Division Manual: Geotechnical Manual Effective Date: March 01, 2018 Purpose This manual provides guidance to districts in geotechnical investigation and design for project LRFD Bridge Manual Part I 1 1 CHAPTER 1 BRIDGE SITE EXPLORATION 1. 1 S U RV EY FOR B RID GES 1. 1. 1 Ge ne ral initiate and conduct the subsurface investigation through its drilling contractor.

1. 2. 3 D e f i ni ti o ns. 1. Pilot Borings. Major projects involving the construction of multiple bridges may require pilot The original Bridge and Structures Design Manual was created through the publicprivate Manual into LRFD Bridge Manual to produce a consolidated manual Section Added requirement to submit design requiring routing investigation Section.

1 Added vertical clearance 0. 3 Purpose of the Geotechnical Investigation and Recommendations Manual vii. 1 Detour Bridge Foundation Field Investigation 49 The Geotechnical Investigation and Recommendations Manual is intended for continual

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