93 prelude auto to manual swap

Apr 15, 2008 4th gen Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion Parts List: Transmission Flywheel Clutch assembly The manual swap parts are the same for the 9097 Accord and the 9296 Prelude. Only difference is the transmission used? ? ? I owe a Prelude '93 and I did this auto to manual conversion before I saw this website, it has been working great.

I have a 93 prelude si h22 vtec swap, also auto tranny swapped for a manual. just today it was idling really high, Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda I have a 93 honda prelude si 2. 3. i was told a tranny from a 94 honda accord 2. 2 will fit. is this true. please tell me good news because i cant find Five speed swap guide with pictures, needed parts, price estimates, etc. I dont have the money but my auto trans crapped out, HELP!

c. How much will it cost? a welder, jacks, etc, I would get a shop to do it. The guy I have doing mine has never done a 5spd swap on a prelude before, but he has done them on civics and accords and he May 24, 2012В  Re: Help With AutoManual Conversion hey buddy, right im doing a auto to manual on my friends 99 Lude, i used this link for info. RomPirates 5spd Swap Resource Thread Honda Prelude Forum: Honda Prelude Forums Jul 08, 2011 Honda Prelude Forum TechTalk 5th Gen Honda Prelude: 5 Speed Swap Complete!

! User Name this may not be the issue but are you using the auto ECU or put in a manual ECU. at the extreme prelude sight if you go all the way down before the pictures to the troubleshoot part it talks about a Idle issue surge.

dosent go into details but might Sep 11, 2002 Mechanical knowledge is required to do this swap as well as a Chilton or Hayes manual for the car.

If you know your way around an engine then you will be able to do this swap, otherwise I suggest you find an experienced mechanic. Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Auto to Manual Transmission Swap Mount: Honda Civic. Torque Solution Auto to Manual Transmission Swap Mount. CONVERSION TRANSMISSION MOUNT (FSERIES AUTO 2 MANUAL 9093 TRANSMISSION). Honda Prelude 2. 2L. Mount Color Options By switching to stiffer mounts without the fluid reduces Dec 13, 2006 H22 swap into 93 Accord with aoto to manual tranny conv.

Discussion in ' He never said anything about shift cables or pedals and the halfshafts are often a necessary swap item, regardless of any autotomanual conversion being done. As far as I know, hmotorsonline doesn't sell Prelude clips, so what he's talking about is a motortranny May 26, 2011 There is alot more I will be swaping out, but the auto to manual swap is the" meat" of this cheeseburger.

For the ECU, I was planning on changing out the lock cylinders and imob unit with the donor car, and just using those keys, to try to avoid this problem.

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