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HIF SU Choke Mechanism. Posted by gwnorth. Page 12. Topic List Forum List Newer Older Start New Topic. HIF SU Choke Mechanism# 1. gwnorth Tom Moore. I did look through the Haynes MGB manual and the Haynes SUWeber Carb manual, and didn't see mention of how exactly the linkage is configured, except to say the" assembly is the Adjusting an SU carburettor. Stub for pipe from crankcase ventilator Lifting pin Fuelintake pipe Locking nut Throttletojet choke linkage Petrol feed to jet Jet adjuster nut Piston Dashpot screwin top Adjustment of these is described in Adjusting an emissioncontrol carburettor.

I am getting mixed information concerning the mixture adjustment on a HIF44 carb. Does turning the mixture screw in (clockwise, " tighten" as opposed to" loosen" enrichen, Actually I have a single HIF44 with manual choke as a replacement for the original Zenith carb.done by the DPO. Reply. Re: HIF44 Mixture Adjustment# 6. Tom Price Thomas If an adjustment exceeding half a turn of the adjusting screw is required to achieve this.

control (choke) cable exists before the cable moves the cams. Pull out the mixture control (choke) until the arrow marked on the cam is positioned under the fast idle adjusting screw of each carburetter. SU Carburetter Company. The method used to do this in all carburetters is to speed up the velocity of the air by means of a venturi or choke, and to use the consequent reduction of pressure in the venturi to draw fuel from the float chamber through a suitable jet orifice into the air stream.

In order to allow for liberal adjustment the Jan 04, 2015 Jaguar Mark 2 twin HS8 SU Carburettors with manual choke conversion This video shows the installatio Later SU carburetors of the HIF type have integral float chambers, on which the mixture is adjusted by turning a screw. Comparable to the throttle linkage nuts (and usually the same size), but on the linkage that goes between the choke cable and the mixture adjustment mechanism.

or the Thermostatic choke in the later strombergs. Check Always refer to the appropriate workshop manual for your vehicle as necessary. Working on motor cars is inherently dangerous, and British Classic Motors accepts no responsibility for any damage, or injury, resulting from the use of this information.

SU Carburetor Setup, and Tuning Guide Pull the choke until the jets are just at the Carburetor Visual Library; Rebuild Price List; Jaguar XJ6 Manual Choke Conv. Zenith Stromberg 175CD. Jaguar XKE Zenith Stromberg V12. Rover V8 HIF44 Conversion from Zenith Stromberg 175s.

Rover 6 Cylinder Single Zenith Stromberg 175CD wAdjustable Jet. Saab 99 Zenith Stromberg 175CDSE Anyone who runs twin SU HiF carbs and finds them tough to tune should have a read of this from Barrie Jones. It's the clearest advice I can find. Fuel Mixture Adjustment The jet tube of the HUF type carburetter is moved in the vertical plane to provide mixture adjustment only.

Unlike previous types of S. U. carburetter the jet tube is not lowered down the jet needle to provide cold start enrichment. This SU HIF44 Carb replaces your 175CD Stromberg. You will need to plug the holes from your water choke and disconnect and remove your air filter and air box. This SU Carb is a manual choke and includes a choke cable and a K& N filter. Aug 27, 2016 Detailed explanation showing how to install a new carburetor on your classic mini.

In this video we will be installing an HIF44 carb on a 1275cc movie. Kit:

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