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Hints and advice on rigging and tuning of your Seldn mast Hints and advice 15 Instructions for rigging. Conditions for valid guarantee. 1 Introduction 2 Rig types 4 Boat ashore with the rig still in place 68 Calculating mast and rig dimensions 69 Positive roach inmast furling 72 Sail slides and sail entry (MDS) 73 Page1of38 ByPeterGray Introduction The 470 is easy to sail, but racing and flying the spinnaker from the trapeze provides additional challenges for sailors.

The 470 made its Olympic debut in 1976, and in 1988 was selected for the Games first women's sailing event. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON. HOOFER SAILING CLUB 420 Manual Editors July 2002 ( ) Prior to 420's, the Hoofer Sailing Club sailed 470's from approximately 1980 to 1993. This tenboat 420 MANUAL SAILING THEORIES Sloop One Design Deck Layouts. Get hardware layouts, rigging tips, boat specifications, and links to other useful class information.

470. Check out Harken hardware and deck layouts for 470 vang, twocar mainsheet, and 470 Tuning Guides and Boat Preparation. 470 Tuning Guides and Boat Preparation. The 470 Internationale has close partnerships with many sailmakers around the world. Here are a few tips from those who make 470 sails and boats to help you achieve the best performance from them. Rigging Guide courtesy of the German National 470 Mar 04, 2014 Rigging can be a complex process with a variety of ropes and lines and hooks.

It is Rigging 470 sailboat manual basic process to understand as you learn how to sail. Understanding wha This manual contains a pictorial anatomy of the International 420 dinghy, and explains how the boat can be rigged. It is based primarily on my own dinghy and its particular fit out. Individual boats will differ slightly in a number of areas, where there is scope for rigging variation within the class rules.

420 Beginner's Guide Courtesy of the British 420 Class Association, below is information on some basic boat settings written by Matt Burge: Guide to Barber Hauling International 470 Owner's Manual. General. Regatta Notices. Crew Available and Wanted.

Sailboat parts for sale and wanted. Project Sailboats for Sale. Sails for sale and wanted. I just purchased an international 470 and was wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up an owner's manual or rigging guide. The rigging gets pretty About the 470 sailboat. Information on production or series built sailboats, dinghies and sailing yachts. Set the boat up with supports under the hull that will allow a person to stand in the boat without it moving Rigging the vang The blue vang has been prerigged and attached to the mast but it can Rigging Manual Rev

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