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Minette Viewer Editor S5 Year: 1979? ? Screen size: 144 x 108mm Suited for Super8Single8 Lamp: 6V 10W No sound Manual film transport Max. reel capacity: 120m Weight: 2. 55kg Comments. Improved version of the Minette Viewer Editor S4. An improved version of this viewer is sold as Minette Viewer Editor S6.

Reviews eBay A must have for any Honda owner and comes in very handy when ordering parts or making repairs. viewer editor M1 Minette Manual English covers the complete tear down and rebuild, pictures and part diagrams, torque specifications, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. Available stock for the Minette Editor Viewer All our manuals are printed to the highest quality and bound as a convenient sized book. A printed manual for the Minette Editor Viewer from us will cost you much less than it would I have one complete set of graycolored Minette SIXTEEN editor with the Minette DELUXE manualoperated Rewinder, which is an excellent product.

I also have a blackcolored Minette EIGHT editorviewer. If you've lost your Minette Editor Viewer manual (also known as an instruction manual, instruction book or user guide) you'll find it here. We also have: Focal camera guides Please note that this is a tool to find your spare parts (this is not the webshop). No rights can be derived from the information provided on this page. By clicking on the webshop buttons you will be redirected to our webshop. Oct 26, 2013В  8mm Forum 8mm Forum Recommendations Super Minette viewer editor manual muscle viewerEditor: UBBFriend: Email this page to someone!

Author Topic: Recommendations Super 8 viewerEditor Minette, and Elmo. The one I like the best is my Bolex 180 Duo. It has a large bright screen and the film moves through it nice and smooth.

Visit www. film 5001 6V 10W Editor Lamp 4. 00 Each. 303 Dual Eight Movie Viewereditor Hudson Photographic Industries 8mm Editor KMart Kmart, K Mart Film Editor King Duo8 Editor Viewmate for 8mm Leitz Wetzlar HMPOL Lenco Lentar Dual8 EditorViewer 371D, 371D Editior Minette M2 S5 Prinz Dual8 Editor Model Proofmaster Film Editor Editor Viewer Eight.

Box has tearsold tape repair on handles, viewer in nice used condition. lights up and crank turned spindle to advance reel. we did not test with a reel.

Has instruction booklet& 2 empty Craig bottles. This viewer editor unit measures 20cm tall and is 14. 5cm x 16. 5cm ACROSS THE BASE. A fantastic unit for when splicing and editing 8mm REEL TO REEL FILM. For any film director worthy of his or her name, the Minette 8 Movie Editor is Dec 15, 2012 Brief film test of the GOKO GM3003 Motor ViewerEditor. Manufactured in Japan by Sensei Koki this unit is pretty much the same viewer as the Elmo 912, with an added variable speed motor.

Purchase a printed and bound 2 page manual for the Minette Editor Viewer below: A printed manual for the Minette Editor Viewer from us will cost you much less than it would cost in ink and paper to print 2 pages yourself. And you will have a bound book, not a loose pile of paper. Movie camera manuals for motion picture equipment. Manuals for 16mm, 8mm, Super8 (Super8) cameras and related equipment.

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