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Contest Card User's Manual 4 Warranty Unified Microsystems warrants the components (and workmanship of assembled units) of the Contest Card for a period of 90 days from purchase. Both the screen and most of the commands are very similar to CT by K1EA so the program will be real friendly. Use a standard CW interface (see below) to connect your computer to the radio and send CW from your keyboard.

CW Keying interface (see K1EA's CT9 User's Manual, page 1718) Morse code is sent by keying the DTR line of any of the CLX Programs, directories and database tables.

This file is a standard list of DXCC and WAE countries very popular and kept up to date world wide by CT (copyright K1EA) users. The old place docuser is now used for the CLX user manual which was compiled by Ian, G0VGS, with a lot of effort. There is a printable version and also a HTML Preview Ramsey Electronics Computer Accessories TCCI1 User's Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals& Instructions for FREE from Manualagent.

com. This includes Kenwoods HamWindows, DXBase, K1EA CT, LOGic, NA, TurboLog, Hyperlog, RCPlus and many others. Consult the software manual and any other ondisk information (READ. ME files) which came with your software to understand how to properly configure it to communicate with your radio.

CT was written by Ken Wolff, K1EA, who continues to support the code. Ordering and support is provided by XX Towers, Inc. Contact information for XX Towers is given on 9. 89 May 2003 CT Users Manual. page iii. If you are a registered CT user, you can call the BBS and download the latest Manuals for: CT by K1EA: CT USER'S MANUAL, REAL TIME CONTEST LOGGING SOFTWARE VER. 9: 21. 00 Back to List of Manufacturers: Store Hours& Information WE ARE OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK 365 DAYS A YEAR NO BREAKS, VACATIONS, HOLIDAYS OR TIME OFF!

DVRC. EXE is copyrighted but may be freely distributed for noncommercial use. 7 Contest Card User's Manual Contest Card Programming Information Most users will want to use NA, TRLOG, CT, or other contest logging program for controlling the Contest Card.

Users who have other applications and want to incorporate the Contest Card should review the

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