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The Leatt STX RR Road Neck Brace, despite what the name suggests, is a track and road race specific product. I see you wearing your Arai Corsair V on the street. I see you wearing your Arai Corsair V Nov 07, 2015 The new Leatt braces have a different back piece (split around the spin, instead of on the spin) that you WANT in a neck brace. Wow man thank you for the awesome review to clarify on the two braces. It does not have to be a leatt and multiple people have mentioned the Atlas neck brace.

Leatt neck braces are tested and proven to help reduce neck forces and thereby chances of a serious neck injury by up to 47. Latest in the Leatt range and made of polyamide, the GPX 3. 5s rigid and nonflexible structure offers revolutionary protection and has been improved to be very comfortable. Motorcycle Safety Gear Review: Leatt GPX 5. 5 Neck Brace. Nothing scares a motocross or offroad racer more than a neck injury, which is the reason the Leatt GPX 5.

5 exists. While we all love the Leatt Light Hard Shell Chest Protector Roost Deflector Compatible with Leatt Neck Braces (White) One Size Adult ( lbs) by Leatt Brace. 99. 99 99 99. Only 2 left in stock order soon. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Leatt Fuel LargeXLarge Neck Brace GPX. by Leatt Brace. Mar 27, 2018 The allnew Leatt GPX 3. 5 Neck Brace is the product of years of innovation and evolution in neck protection.

Offering more of a rigid frame to help transfer energy away from the helmet, thus The Sport brace features more extensive carbon fiber construction and a hefty 200 premium, but otherwise has the same amount of adjustability as the other Leatt neck braces. Leatt quotes the weight of the Club as 850 g, while the Sport comes in at 780 g. Leatt are leaders in the design& manufacture of protective neck braces, body armour and sports gear for motorsports, bicycle, snowmobile and other extreme sports athletes Page 1 USER MANUAL www.

leattbrace. com Page 2 Brace Fitment Should you experience a collision or if the LeattBrace or any component shows any signs of damage, cracking, deformity andor the inside padding is deteriorating, return the LeattBrace to the seller for inspection or destroy and replace the LeattBrace Leatt neck braces are the perfect neck brace for motocross.

The Leatt GPX 5. 5 Neck Brace is a new addition to the widely acclaimed LeattBrace line of neck braces. The GPX 5. 5 Leatt neck brace has many safety features engineered into its sleek design. Instruction manual introduction LeattBrace Brace you have purchased is based on years of academic research, extensive evaluation of the mechanisms of head and neck injuries, together with testing, both in test facilities and with simulation software, and A neck brace is not supposed to be soft, its supposed to be hard enough to transfer forces away from your neck and distribute those onto your torso and the piece itself.

Multiple engineered fracture points and crumple zones on the unit will bend or break away at predetermined stress levels.

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