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The whole process of installing the Massey Plugins Tapehead Saturation plugin was quick and pain free. While I don't own the full version of this plugin, there is an almost full functional plugin available on their website which I have.

TapeHead Saturator by Massey Plugins (@KVRAudio Product Listing): TapeHead is a saturation plugin. Add a little saturation to your mix. Make your drums fuller and louder. Add some grit to vocals.

Massey TapeHead The Massey TapeHead can be used for some really nice distortion but its not the same type of tape simulator as some of the other plugins. With that I mean it doesnt try to emulate several old tape machines out there, it has one sound that you either like or dont like.

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), I have deduced that the" Drive" parameter simulates the degree of an overdriven record head and the" Trim" trims off the output to something sensible?

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Make your drums f TD5 Tape Delay Simply put, the TD5 sounds fantastic and Massey tape head manual muscle like a reallife vintage tape delay. Deep and three dimensional, yet still easy to manipulate. You can get an array of delay sounds which include some of the grittiest, coolest sounds youll ever hear from a delay. Massey Plugins Inc. creates versatile, affordable and elegant plugins that have earned the status of 'musthaves' for mixing in Pro Tools.

Mar 26, 2009 Another video focusing on a free plugin that adds functionality to your DAW. This time it's the excellent" Tapehead" by Steven Massey. Watch the video for t Plugin Review: Massey VST Tapehead Andrew 2 Comments If youre a regular subscriber to Cobalt Audio, you will know that we love doing Massey plugin reviews simply because their plugins sound great and are so useable. TapeHead v 4. 0 Feb 12, 2014 MacOS X Intel Download Demo The L2007, the TapeHead, the CT5, and the vt3 are now available in AAX 64 bit Native format for Mac Users.

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