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Piper Aztec PA The PA23 was the first twinengine design from Piper and was developed from a proposed Twin Stinson design. The first Aztec models came in a fiveseat configuration which became available in 1959. The later models of the Aztec The Piper PA23, named Apache and (GASHC) crashed on its approach to Aintree racecourse, near Liverpool, killing all 5 on board. The flight had taken off from Luton Airport and included broadcaster Nancy retired Formula One racing driver and Embassy Hill team owner Graham Hill was piloting a Piper PA Turbo Aztec D, marked as flight manual must be ordered and there will be a charge.

Order by airplane serial number. (1) See page 35 in the Customer Service Information File (PN ), for a list of current revision dates History. The Piper PA23 'Aztec' F is a twin engine, low wing monoplane with a conventional tail, in the general aviation aircraft category.

It is powered by a pair of Lycoming TIO540C1A, air cooled, six cylinder, horizontally opposed, fuel injected, turbocharged, 250 hp Home Fleet KMYF (Montgomery) N Piper Aztec PA. N Piper Aztec PA This superclean Piper Aztec is sporting a beautiful new paint job. 25 hours of multiengine time may be substituted by 5 hours of Aztec Flight Training Time. Logs and flight manual are excellent with all required supplements, continued airworthiness documents and airworthiness directives all well organized in an Adlog system book with all STCs, field approvals, 337s, current weight and balance and STCs and ADs also on file in it.

AztecApache (PA23) Airframe STCs Installation of Bendix Model FCS80 automaticflight control system with manual electric pitch trim and flight director indicator. SA953SO: Issued. PA Mitchell automatic flight system, Piper altimaticX autopilot, AK684 or AK684FD, Piper altimatic X flight director autopilotwith remote FS2004 Manual Checklist Piper PA Aztec.

FS2004 Manual Checklist Piper PA Aztec. In PDFformat as a booklet. From cold Pre Start Startup Before Taxi Taxi Before Takeoff Takeoff Climb Out Cruise Descent Approach Landing Taxi To Ramp Shutdown Securing Aircraft to cold. PIPER PA23 STANDARD REPLACEMENT PARTS [TABLEWelcome to our new Shop by Aircraft parts guide.

We have compiled the application data for a number of common general aviation aircraft so our customers can easily find their applicable standard Mar 02, 2010 However you can probably purchase one at There are several United Airlines flight manuals for the, Canadian 767, Quoting zainmax: Is the Maintenance Manual of B787 released? Sort of: Quoting dispatchguy: Only if you have an account Operations Manuals For BoeingAirbus#.

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