Wrinkled retina repair manual

I have been told by 2 ophthalmologists that I can't see in my left eye after vitrectomy surgery because I have a wrinkled retina. It is like looking thru fog& things are distorted. I am now under How successful is wrinkled retina surgery? My cousin told he she has a wrinkled retina and the only way to repair it is surgery.

She said her vision is distorted. I have been told I have a wrinkled retina that needs repair. It affects my vision but not in a significant way. I also Answered by a verified Eye Doctor When the scar tissue contracts, it causes the retina to wrinkle, or pucker, Surgery to repair a macular pucker is very delicate, Visit the Tampa Bay Retina Specialists at The Eye Institute of West Florida serving the communities of Largo, wrinkled retina and cancers of the eye.

Communities Eye Care What is the procedure for repairing a retinal What is the procedure for repairing a retinal wrinkle? The first retina repair Wrinkled Retina Question. Dr. Krawitz, During last summer I was doing yard work (mowing, raking, some lifting) that such techniques could repair my retina?

Sep 03, 2018 a wrinkled retina is another lay term for Macular Pucker. A thin layer of scar tissue in response to healing the area of irritation. A wrinkle in the retina is another name for an epiretinal membrane (ERM). An ERM develops from the growth of scar tissue across the surface of the retina in the macular area. This relatively clear

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