Tormax automatic doors manual ttx 11

for Automatic TORMAX Doors with Control System TCP 51, TCP 51LC or TCP 101 3. 4 Manual Operation and Software Reset 10 4 Control Panel Operation 11 This document has validity for automatic TORMAX door systems with TCP control systems Automatic Door Systems.

The Passion to drive Doors. TORMAX is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic doors. Pharma Slide Controller iMotion Installation& Owners Manual [Revision: July 26, 2010,Rytec Corporation, 2010 owner of the door system. This manual is applicable for Pharma Slide doors with TORMAX automatic door operator types: iMotion 2301 Sliding Door Drive iMotion 1301 Swing Door Drive 4. 2 Operation with the TORMAX User Interface u 10 4.

3 Operation with an Operating Mode Switch u 11 5 Internal activators a) With automatic activation b) With manual activation Radar withwithout direction recognition Push button Store the instructions for use in the vicinity of the automatic door system.

If the manual has become illegible due to constant usage, reorder the instructions. TORMAX 1102 11, 2 kg TORMAX 1201 11, 8 kg 10 Instructions for Use TORMAX 1102, 1201 T1661 e These instructions are directed at the system operator and user of an automatic. TORMAX door system and it is presumed that the system was installed and tested Applicability. This document is applicable for swing doors with TORMAX automatic door operator of type: SWINGDOOR Smart Drive 1101. TTX II (USA) key switch, manual switch etc TORMAX 2101 The versatile sliding door drive for internal and external doors MANUAL.

Do as you please. You can meet TORMAX automatic doors in innumerable office buildings and shopping malls across the world, as well as in hotels, restaurants, airports, apartments and other types of buildings. Automatic swing doors are very practical: they close securely and are easily installed. Existing manual doors can be rapidly automated without complication.

Swing doors increase convenience and provide barrierfree access for the disabled. Tormax Automatic Door Parts by Automatic Door and Hardware. Buy Tormax Automatic Sliding And Swinging Door Parts On Sale At The Lowest Prices! Stanley Automatic Door Push Plate Switches; Tormax. TTX II (Swing Door) TX9000; Tormax 1201 TTX 1102 (Swing Door) Storefront Manual Door Signs and Decals (NonAutomatic) Automatic Door Push Automatic Door Systems Our Passion is Making Doors Move.

Welcome to one of the world's leading door system suppliers. As you read this, somewhere in the world a TORMAX automatic door system is being installed. Since 1951 the TORMAX name has stood for safety, reliability and superior functionality. TORMAX 1201; TTX 1102; iMotion TN 110 In The TTX Il is both an automatic and manual swing door operating system.

It is adaptable to virtually any existing swing door and thereby provides barrier free access to assist the physically challenged. TORMAX TTX 11 Swing Door operator is the allinone drive ofprime Architectural Automatic Door Systems cad details, specifications, and building product information for TORMAX USA Inc.

Automatic Door Systems. Our Passion is Making Doors Move. TORMAX is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic doors. SWINGDOOR TORMAX TTX II Low Energy Swing Door Operator is a low cost, easily adjustable automatic door system.

It delivers exceptional long lasting performance, and meets ANSI standard

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