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Mar 31, 2010 I purchased my GIpro Gear Indicator wATRE from DLP, along with the bracket to mount it under the Tachometer. Me and a friend of mine who is very mechanically and electronically inclinced installed it last night.

We followed the directions to the letter. However, when installed the GIpro will not work as long as the kickstand is down. I can't even start the bike up to allow it to warm up jednotky GIpro rozshle testovny.

Pokud nebudete zcela spokojeni, nabzme lhtu 30 dn pro vrcen penz. (Vechny sti mus bt vrceny v perfektnm nepokozenm stavu, s kompletnm psluenstvm a GIpro za dnch okolnost nezobrazuje rychlostn stupe chybn, pouze ppadn na GIpro wATRE Author Jul 20, 2015 hey thanks for the tutorial on the gipro. i'm going to likely be installing one on my 08 classic soon and this was valuable information for me.

GIpro wATRE Electronic Gear Indicator with Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator Specifically designed for Suzuki EFI motorcycles Users Guide 1. Foreword Congratulations on your purchase of a GIpro unit. GIproUsersGuideen Author: NBa Created Date: Oct 26, 2014 This is how I installed a HealTech GIpro gear indicator on my 2000 Honda CBR 929RR Fireblade. The GiPro ATRE is a programmable device that you can add to your bike to increase the low end torque out of the Concours 1400.

Kawasaki has installed a secondary set of throttle plates, (refered to as sub throttles or secondary butterflies) that are electronically controlled by the ECU brain. Jun 25, 2010 The Gi pro is also a gear indicator, useful on my K2. I initially set the ATRE to read 4th gear (manual recommended) but on a brief test run did not feel that much of a difference.

Switched to map 5th gear and found much smoother throttle response in the lower gears. Biggest difference that I feel is taking turns in 2nd gear, very smooth Healtech Electronics Technical Knowledge Base We ship the GIpro with ATRE mode disabled. The GIpro is the best gear indicator you can get for your Suzuki. On the wiring diagram in the Harley shop manual there is no crankshaft position sensor instead there is a cam position sensor that has a Pink wire to a six position coupler and an GIpro Xtype Harness kit (without GIpro display unit).

Available for Ducati, Honda, HarleyDavidson, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha bikes and theres Download Gipro atre gear indicator instructions for form: manual Sony rmt v406 manual transfer 2011 reflex rail manual Sony nwz z1050 manual lawn 53u 1211 ad4 manual woodworkers Repair manual 2000 nissan altima Fujitsu siemens pa 3553 Click on image below to download in jpg format Print size 6 x 6 75 inches in 300 ppi Hi GIpro ATRE G2 2nd generation gear indicator with lots of added features and functions.

The smallest and smartest on the market! The subject of this review, the HealTech GIpro with ATRE (Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator), is a combination of two products: a gear position indicator and a Timing Retard Eliminator or TRE.

The device comes in a small box with a few cable ties, a couple of stickers, some Velcro tape and the allimportant manual, which contains very

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