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Firebird Documentation Index Firebird 2. 5 Language Reference About the Firebird SQL Language Reference Acknowledgments The first full language reference manual for Firebird would not have eventuated without the funding that finally brought it to fruition.

Reference manual. Online Documentation Downloadable Version Current Versions Firebird 2. 5 Language Reference Update Firebird 2. Firebird sql reference manual Language Reference Update (Russian) PDF available PDF available MS SQL to Firebird Migration Guide MS SQL to Firebird Migration Guide (Russian) What's New in the SQL Language Reference?

Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 New Features in the SQL Language Reference; 1 Introduction to Oracle SQL. History of SQL; SQL Standards. 11 SQL Statements: ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW to ALTER SYSTEM. ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW; ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG; Semantics. The EXISTS condition is a fast way of testing if a certain row exists.

The similar test (SELECT COUNT() FROM ) 0 is by comparison far more expensive, because all Firebird sql reference manual must be traversed in order to get to an accurate count.

The Firebird Reference Manual. Though the latest version of Firebird is, everyone should make sure they download the 2. 5 language reference manual, which is in PDF format. As with the preceding two statements just discussed, the DELETE statement follows fairly straightforward SQL protocols in Firebird as shown in the example below Firebird 2. 0 PSQL Reference Manual. LIKE CONDITION. Pupose. Use the LIKE predicate to test a text value for similarity to a specified text pattern. In Firebird, LIKE conditions used in SQL statement WHERE conditions are not index optimised, and the variant form STARTING WITH exists.

In PSQL, where we work with scalar values, ISQL Reference Manual November 2004 Version 9. 0 This manual provides reference material for the ISQL interactive tool provided in the Dharma Dharma SDK SQL Reference Manual for detailed reference information on standard SQL statements that can be issued in other environments. This volume represents a compilation of topics concerning Firebird's SQL language written by members of the Russianspeaking community of Firebird developers and users.

In 2014, it culminated in a language reference manual, in Russian. At the instigation of Alexey Kovyazin, a campaign was launched amongst Firebird users worldwide to The Language Reference assumes a general familiarity with SQL, data definition, data manipulation, and programming practice. It is a syntax and usage resource for: See also Please refer to the SQL Reference Manual for a description of the Firebird standard function library.

BUILTIN FUNCTIONS Purpose The PSQL language supports a broad range of functions. Examples See the individual system function descriptions for usage examples. Join Firebird Foundation to support Firebird SQL development and receive multiple bonuses. Join!

Follow Us: Select your media preference. Newsletter: Subscribe to Firebirds Newsletter to receive the latest news. Reference Manuals Online Documentation: Downloadable Version: Current Versions Firebird 2. 5 Language The Firebird SQL Reference Guide contains an alphabetical index of all keywords and builtinfunctions available in a Firebird database.

Note that not all terms are available everywhere. At the start of every entry there is an item" Availabil Semantics. See the SQL Reference Manual for a description of the update statement.

Examples. The below is an example of a valid UPDATE statement in PSQL:

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