Nepton 240m vs seidon 240m manual

The Seidon 240P is the latest AIO watercooler that boasts an excellent value for performance. The compact 240mm radiator fits in virtually every case. Thanks to dual Jetflo fans designed for high air flow with shining blue LEDs, Seidon can unleash a powerful cooling storm at your command.

Mar 08, 2016В  Seidon 120V Plus vs Seidon 120XL vs Nepton 120XL Sign in to follow this. Honestly if i have more cash. i go take Nepton 240m. because i know Nepton can handle my system with low temp and more silent Seidon 120 Series; Seidon 120V Plus vs Seidon 120XL vs Nepton Oct 21, 2014 Cooler Master Nepton 240M Liquid CPU Cooler Overview MSRP: 129. 99 USD (Not Available Yet) Other CM products at Amazon: http: amzn. to1tJtfZB Manufacturer P I was looking in the market for an AIO liquid cooler, and I found these two for the same price, the nepton 240m is from 2014, while the Seidon 240p is from 2016, which one is better at cooling an The Cooler Master Seidon 240M is a liquid cooling system for processors.

It has a 240 mm radiator with two 120 mm fans sidebyside. Lets test it. As with any sealed liquid cooling system, the Nepton 240M Factory filled with coolant, then sealed and pressure tested requires zero maintenance for years. CM selfdesigned pump and water block guarantees the The Seidon is pretty closely matched against the Nepton when both coolers are at idle, but the 240M wins by not having to stretch itself under load.

Subjectively, the Nepton is a bettersounding Should a problem arise with your Nepton 240M, Cooler Master backs up the Nepton line with a fiveyear warranty. Left: the Silencio 120. Right: the Seidon 120V's stock fan. Overall the Nepton 240m appears to do the job and runs nice and quiet. This review is for the cooler master seidon 240 that i bought but has been replaced by this model.

While you can tell the cooling system is a good quality product the instructional manual is pretty lousy piece and all you get is is a few pages of lame images and even Oct 08, 2016 The 240M should perform better, since it has a larger cooling surface area.

As for which one you should buy, that depends on your budget and if your case can mount the 240M HeyIm just wondering if i have to control the Pump Connector of the Nepton 240m with PWM or with voltage. The Manual does not say, but the cable has 4 cables so it should be PWM controllable, but Jul 14, 2015 The nepton 240m is my goto AIO, as it is one of the quietest and best performing you can get.

The seidon AIOs are some of the cheapest for their sizes, but have problems with leaking and noise. Then definitely with nepton Nepton 240m vs seidon 240m manual.

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