Discus 2c flight manual supplement

TT21 TT22 Minor Change for Sailplanes 02 May 2011 Document Control Title: TT21 TT22 Minor Change for SchemppHirth Flugzeugbau GmbH Discus2c TCDS EASA.

A. 049 AFM Aircraft Flight Manual DC Direct Current DDP Declaration of Design Performance FES Flight manual what you should know before first flight with FES equipped FESDISM100 Motor manual for Discus 2c FES sailplanes FES System manual v1. 0, pdf file updated ) FLIGHT MANUAL for Sailplane Model: D u o D i s c u s Type sales name: Duo Discus (x) (SN 450, 469 and 473 and on Supplement to MBNo. SN 537 and up TNNo. SN 511 through 536 optional Duo Discus FLUGHANDBUCH FLIGHT MANUAL 0. 2 Verzeichnis der Seiten List of effective pages Abschnitt Affected section The Discus2c's modern wing concept combines latest scientific insight with year of experience in the development of 18 m gliders.

The result is a glider that combines agile and harmless flight characteristics with gliding performance reserved to open class gliders a few years ago. British Gliding Association Type Certificate Data Sheets for BGA Approved Types. Aircraft with SAS do not require flight manuals provided the basic limitations are on the SAS certificate. Discus 2a& 2b EASA A 049 Discus 2c EASA A 049 Discus 2cT EASA A 050 Discus 2T EASA A 050 Discus A EASA A 049 The Flight Manual for this sailplane has been prepared to provide pilots and instructors with information for the safe and efficient operation of the Duo Discus.

similar powered variant of the Discus2c. This is a version of the Discus2 with a new 18m LBAApproved Flight Manual for Powered Sailplane Discus2cT CAA Accepted as AIR 2985 (6) Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Not Starting immediately and almost impossible to operate wrongly, this system in combination with the Discus2c's perfect control balance and wellknown harmonic flight characteristics provides the ideal solution for both ambitious competitive pilots and daytoday usage in a gliding club.

SCHEMPPHIRTH FLUGZEUGBAU GmbH.KIRCHHEIMTECK Discus2a FLUGHANDBUCH FLIGHT MANUAL Discus2b 0. 1 Erfassung der Berichtigungen Records of revisions Jul 30, 2005 Private Flying Gliding in a Discus2c T? Am looking to purchase a Discus2c T and would be keen to know if anybody here has experience of this Created Date: 9: 10: 59 AM Type Acceptance Report Rev. 1: 3 October 2007 1 TAR 021B5 SchemppHirth Discus Series Executive Summary LBAApproved Flight Manual for the Sailplane Discus2c Issued January 2005 CAA Accepted as AIR 3014 (6) Operating Data for Aircraft, Engine and Propeller:

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