Dezurik manual actuator 2000

Instruction Manuals (IM) Plug Valves English. D IM VALVE PFWPTW 216" D IM VALVE PEF 100 PORT 336" D IM VALVE PEC 420" D IM VALVE PEC 36. 572" The DeZURIK R1 and R2 PowerRac actuators are quarterturn, enclosed rack and gear cylinder actuators.

The R1 and R2 PowerRac actuator are used for onoff or modulating control on valves that have a square shaft connection.

The R number designates the radius of the actuator gear. A choice of cylinder diameters is offered4 DeZURIK MG MANUAL GEAR ACTUATORS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS BULLETIN 72. 001 OCTOBER 2015 Standardized Mounting The actuator DeZURIK MG& AM Manual Gear Actuators. DeZURIK MSeries Actuators. DeZURIK Knife Gate Valve Actuators. DeZURIK Rotary Diaphragm Actuators. DeZURIK PowerRac Cylinder. DeZURIK LASeries Actuators.

DeZURIK GSeries Manual& Cylinder Actuators. DeZURIK Compak Cylinder Actuators. Hilton Actuators. The M3& M7 MSeries Manual Actuators have a fully enclosed scotch yoke mechanism driven by a handwheel, chainwheel or 2" nut. The actuator is DeZURIK DeZURIK Cylinder Actuator for Knife Gate Valves Actuator Safety Manual D August 2014 Page 3 of 9 1.

Introduction This Safety Manual provides information necessary to design, install, verify and maintain a Safety The DR 125 Rotary Diaphragm Actuator is a pneumatic springreturn rotary actuator used for onoff or modulating control of a quarter turn valve.

The model number 125 is the actuator size, and designates All DeZURIK catalogues and technical brochures. DeZURIK HPUDHS Hydrastorm Hydraulic Power Unit 75. 001. Actuator Options Balancing valves are available Dezurik manual actuator 2000 lever and handwheel actuators. KGU URETHANE KNIFE GATE VALVES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Manual Actuators Lever Actuators Lever actuators can be Consult DeZURIK's PowerRac Actuator brochure on DirectIndustry.

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