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Home Tech Articles Tech Analysis: BMW E46 M3 Shifting Tech Analysis: BMW E46 M3 Shifting SMG vs. Manual By Dan Barnes BMW's Sequential Manual Gearbox is a major technical achievement. It was the only significant change to the M by the M5, but for some reason is not as butterysmooth in the smaller car.

Around town, the M3 Apr 16, 2017В  Six Shifter M5s go headtohead Manual vs. SMG. Six Shooter. We pitch an E60 M5 SMG up against an example thats been converted to a sixspeed manual. The E60 M5 manual was exclusive to the American market but a This TenYearOld BMW Proves Why You Should Always Pick the Manual. An E60 BMW M5 is still a 200 mph Bmw m5 manual vs smg super sedan, and in America, they sold them with a manual.

BMW M5 SMG gearbox with BMW M3 SMG. Manual or automatic? A comfortable compromise. To these options, add BMW's secondgeneration sequential manual The E60 M5 was introduced in 2005, with an uneven firing V10 engine and 7 speed sequential manual gearbox linking the car with the BMW Sauber Formula One program.

The E60 M5 was the world's first production sedan to feature a V10 petrol engine. Jan 27, 2014 M5 manual mods: primary& secondary cats deleted, evolve tune M5 SMG mods: RPI headers, RPI scoops, RPI pulley, evolve tune, SMG tune Ess, Bmc filters, Remus exhaust The new BMW M5 is the first car in the world to feature the sequential M transmission with 7 forward gears and 11 driving programs (5 driving programs in automatic mode and 6 driving programs in manual mode).

With each new generation of the M5 supersaloon, so BMWs M Division slaughters another sacred cow. The fourthgeneration E60 dropped the manual gearbox for SMG, the fifthgeneration F10 swapped I just joined this Forum a few days ago and am shopping for an E60 M5. I wanted to get opinions on the SMG vs the manual 6 spd. I heard the 6 spd is Jun 04, 2008 Which is better for E60 BMW m5 Manual or SMG?

I'm thinking about buying one and I can't decide whether 6speed man or 7 speed SMG. I want opinions from those who have, or have driven both. The SMG II Drivelogic is BMWs second generation of their Sequential Manual Gearbox offered in the E46 M3 (and possibly some other models that dont come to mind at the moment).

Its not a different transmission though.

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