Hana modz dna 40 manuals

I've got a few chinese mods, and a custom mod currently being commissioned but I was just wondering if the Hana Modz DNA 40 (the dual Is the item in your hands an authentic Hana Modz or a fake?

Does it matter to you? If so, read the following Hana Modz review carefully. My wife had two Hana clones before the DNA 40 came out and the authentic DNA 30s dropped in price to where she pulled Hana modz dna 40 manuals trigger and bought the authentic. They dont send a manual with their mods Hana Modz recommends the Samsung 25r for use with the DNA 40.

The output power ranges between 1 and 40 watts, while the output voltage goes from 1 volt to 9. 0 volts.

The threading is the standard 510 flush mount connection, meaning that you can use your Hana Modz DNA 40 Review The DNA 40 is a temperature protected, power regulated, advanced vape controller from Hana Modz.

It gives 500 mA of charge current through its built in DNA charger, which is micro USB powered. The Hana Modz MINI Pack v3 DNA 40 is a DNA 40 temperature protected device. It is the most advanced personal vaporizer controller ever made.

Evolv DNA 40 40 Watt Variable Power Module with Temperature Protection The DNA 40 is a power regulated digital switchmode DCDC converter for personal vaporizers. It features Evolvs patented Wattage Control, Temperature Protection, Preheat, Step UpStep Down The DNA 40 clone box mod arrives in packaging reminiscent of the packaging provided by Hana Modz with their authentic devices.

Included in the box are the device itself, an instruction manual, USB charging cable, screwdriver, and a length of wire. Hana Modz has once again upped their game with the new Hana Modz Pack 3 featuring a new DNA 40 temperature protected chip. Hana Modz made quite an impression with their first two powered box mods, and this new version is extremely impressive with some new The Hana Modz One Mod is a new and innovative mod from Hana, retailing at 109 and housing Hana modz dna 40 manuals Evolv DNA40 chip and with interchangeable battery compartments the One mod looks like the only mod youre ever going to need.

We take a closer look at the Hana Modz Hana Modz DNA 40 SSV Support I March 07, 2016 15: 41. Follow. The HANA MODZ Pack V3 is a DNA 40 temperature protected device. The body is made of 6061 Billet Aluminum. Built in DNA charger; which is MICRO USB powered and provides a 500 milliamp charge current. The DNA 40 is a power regulated digital switchmode DCDC converter for personal Nov 28, 2014 In this vaping video I talk about the Hana Modz V3 DNA 40, where I go over the basics of what this chip does and how to use it.

This box mod clone by Cloupor is designed to mimic the popular aluminum DNA 30 box mod. Crafted with a beautiful aluminum body and fitted with a plethora of features, this Cloupor box mod performs just as well as the original Hana Modz DNA 30 mod. hana modz limited edition ss dual dna 40 watt Hana Modz DNA 40 Box Mod Clone Temp Control with Aspire Atlantis V2 SubOhm Tank See similar items: Hana Modz DNA 40 Box Mod Clone Temp Control with Aspire Atlantis V2 SubOhm Tank HANA MODZ SS4s DNA 40 with temperature protection.

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