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Adding an Iambic Keyer to your DDS Development Kit By Bruce Hall, W8BH This article will describe how to add a very simple iambic keyer to your DDS Development kit. But wait a second, why bother?

There are already good keyers available, with loads of builtin functions. I use a TiCK keyer chip in some of my QRP transmitters, and it works very Our basic MK60 uses the TiCK1 Keyer chip. The MK60MB uses the TiCK2B Keyer chip with the great additional feature of a 25 Character (approximate) Message Memory. This is very useful for calling CQ. The MK60MB also has a Beacon Mode function which can be used to repeat the message in memory indefinitely until either paddle is pressed.

K1EL Single Chip Morse Code KeyerProcessor K12 K12 Keyer Datasheet Page 2 Construction You can either purchase the K12 kit or a K12 keyer can be constructed on a small piece of perfboard. The Red Hot 40 Construction Manual Introduction The Red Hot 40 is a high performance QRP CW transceiver kit for the 40m band. It has been designed to operate well in the presence of large outofband (short the Embedded Research TiCK line.

This keyer allows you to swap the paddles over, set the speed, tuneup, run The NorCal Keyer is a CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) device. This oxide is very thin which means that the chip should be handled as little as possible to prevent static damage.

The TICK keyer uses the TICK1 chip. It is powered from the 12 power line through a 78L05 regulator chip.

A 20K trim pot is used as a sidetone level control with the wiper connected directly to the headphone jack. The Deluxe DIP parts kit includes: TiCK4 Keyer chip, enhanced TiCK circuit board, construction manual, 8 pin socket, 4 resistors, 6 capacitors, 1 diode, 1 piezo audio transducer, 2 board mounted jacks (keyline& I have been using the Tick1 for several years as a stand alone keyer fro my Cubic Astro 103.

Lat time the battery went dead and was replaced it seems the chip took a hit and wouldn't adjust speed. So after a little research I found that Kanga now carries the Tick keyer chips. Purchased a Tick 4 and Ham Radio KITS TOP PAGE Washington Island BOOKS November 22, 2017 Back in stock thanks for waiting The PK4 SSR keyer kit The Norcal keyer chips were used in the very popular keyer kits from Norcal.

PK2 and PKBasic (Tick and K8 chips, too) with the addition of a 10k ohm pullup resistor between pin 1 and 4 of the keyer chip socket. The Norcal keyer chip shares the same pot speed control of the previous PK series. View the manual, for more information on Author: turinib Created Date: 9: 56: 17 AM PIC Keyer Version 2 This is the second version of a PIC keyer project that started out as a project to help me learn PIC programming. This version has all of the features of the original PIC keyer plus an improvement that allows the Whiterook MK64 Series Mini Keyer.

Uses the famous TiCK Keyer chip series for outstanding and reliable operation

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