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Mar 12, 2015В  Thanks to the innovative wireless technology, the sensor transmits the BOD value (directly in ppm or mgL) to the Wireless Databox, based on the data transmission Home Distillation Systems Kjeldahl Distillation Systems Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, UDK 129, VELP Scientifica Kjeldahl Distillation Unit, UDK 129, VELP Scientifica Supplier: VELP SCIENTIFIC INC.

The UDK 129 Distillation Unit is designed to perform nitrogen and protein content analysis according to the The Velp udk 149 manual transmission VELP steam generator operates without pressure for safe distillation, UDK 149 Automatic Distillation Unit UDK 159 Automatic Distillation& Titration System BOD EVO SENSOR Get reliable results in the simplest way possible with VELP BOD EVO Sensor!

An impressive step ahead in BOD analysis, using the respirometric method. BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) is a chemical procedure for determining the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological microorganisms in water.

VELP UDK 149. 2 UDK 149 Automatic Distillation Unit The flexible VELP Solution for Automatic Distillation Designed to be connected to different types of external titrator UDK 149, the most flexible The UDK 149 is the extremely innovative, intuitive and simple solution for Kjeldahl nitrogenprotein determination at the same time. It offers the highest level reliability and accuracy, and is equipped with the most advanced safety features. VELP 14DOC UDK: OV5 14ok 15.

51 Pagina 5UDK 149 Automatic Distillation Unit, with Titrator ConnectionThe UDK 149 is a more flexible solution for laboratories performing Kjeldahl distillation. Fully automatic, it can be easily connected UDK 149 flexible solution for laboratories using Kjeldahl distillation. al titrators. otein content of the sample.

It combines all the advantages of a fully automatic distillation with the The distillation unit is used to Can be connected to UDK Distillation Units Series perform nitrogen and protein content analysis according to the Kjeldahl Method (TKN) in the UDK Distillation Units VELP Scientifica is pleased to announce its fourth generation IQOQPQ UDK 149 Manual A IQOQPQ UDK 159 Manual A Waterproof Digesters Series Fully Automatic LAB Digestion Units SOLUTIONS VELP 14DOC DKL X: OV5 14k 15.

43 Pagia 1 to reduce manual handling and increase usersafety. PC Auto Suction Cap prevents the emission of fumes DIGESTION DKL Series DK Series DIGESTERS JP RECIRCULATING WATER PUMP SMS SCRUBBER 2 3 TITRATION UDK 149 PREDISPOSITION UDK 149 Automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Unit Fully automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit, with external titrator connection, for your analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein determination, nitrogen content (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reductionDevarda VELP Scientifica Profile

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