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Rotork ILGD is a Complete range of manual declutchable sandwich override quarter turn gearboxes for double acting pneumatic actuators. Emerson multiturn bevel and quarterturn worm gear operators and declutchable manual overrides.

Gear Operators and Gearboxes A lightweight declutchable quarterturn manual override specifically designed for use with all types pneumatic rack and pinion actuators. The Declutchable Gear Override Sandwich Mounts between a pneumatic quarterturn actuator and a ball, butterfly, plug or damper valve. This rugged device allows for manual operation during installation, system testing and in the event of an air supply failure. Rotork ILGD Range Gearbox Product Literature. Home QTW150 QuarterTurn Manual; 242 QuarterTurn Manual Declutchable; ILGD Literature; ILGD Options; ILGS Single Acting Override; MOW Modulating Worm A declutchable gear operator for reliable method of local manual operation.

Close [ Reservoir Management Software; Upstream Applications for Oil and Gas; ElOMatic ELOMatic MO Manual Override Gear Box A declutchable gear operator with a simple and reliable method of local manual operation. GH6 The RA series declutchable manual override has internal travel stops which allow for the valve to be independently operated with the actuator removed. 3. Selflocking Declutch Mechanism. The declutch handle is securely held in place by a spring loaded MANUAL GEAR OVERRIDE PART NO.

May 12, 2012 Declutchable Manual Override Gear Operator, safe shift. Devices for system balancing valve with Venturi device, flow meter, autoflow, DP regulating valve Duration: 5: 53. Caleffi Hydronic SUSIN ITORK www. susinitork. in ITG DECLUTCHABLE MANUAL OVERRIDE Many thanks for purchasing our ITG Series Manual Override Gearbox!

For safe and proper operation, please read this manual carefully before using it and save it for reference PRODUCT: Declutchable Manual Override Gear are quarterturn devices used to manually override pneumatic valve actuators in power and process applications and usage.

All Torque Control DFM series Manual Override Gears are crafted to give an ultimate service life and a rich user experience. VMX Declutchable Manual Override VMX Declutchable Manual Override Type: Worm Driven Complete With Handwheel Open& Close Stopper Output Torque Nm: 150 Declutchable operator for manual override on pneumatically actuated valves Two 90 keyholes allow for easily position of valve Gearbox is filled with special lubricant before leaving our factory The gearbox is tested and then sealed after assembly to provide a dust proof and waterproof function.

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