Zenit camera et manual

This is a Russian made Zenit TTL camera. It is a 35mm camera with manual focus. The camera has not been tested, but appears that all the buttons and knobs work. ZENITE ATTENTION! The present Instruction Manual contains the basic characteristics and essential operating principles of the ZENITE camera and cannot be regarded as a handbook on photography.

ZENIT ET as an upgraded version of the Zenit E. and a shutter release separated from the winding leverfilm counter. Double your traffic. Shutter speeds: B. Zenith model E B HTML Translations German Italian French Spanish Others These links will not translate any PDF files Online camera manual library This is the full text and images from the manual.

This may take 3 full minutes for all images to appear. Zenit E User manual, 1971 year Tripod socket thread Camera overall dimensions 138x93x100 mm 138x93x72 mm Weight 920 g 800 g 3.

Loading the Camera The camera is loaded at usual lighting. To load the camera: 1. Zenit SLR Camera Manuals. Zenit B, E and EM Manual. This is a combined manual made by TO& E in England. Zenit B, E and EM Manual: Zenit ET Manual. I The ZenitKM Plus was the final Zenit camera to be produced; as of 2005 all SLR camera production at the Krasnogorsk factory ceased.

These highly interesting ultimate Zeniths would have been major sellers on Western markets during the" SLRdecade" of the 1970s. Aug 18, 2012В  Zenit ET Some tips and basic manual As you probably noticed it is manual camera.

It is not an electronic device. There is no film winding engine, no auto focus etc. The film I use at the moment has iOS 200. Pretty easy to find them around the city. Rate is around 45, 000VND.

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