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DTube dialyzers come in a capped, centrifuge tube format with dialysis membrane windows for buffer exchange and removal of solutes with 89 sample volume recovery. The DTube Dialyzers Mini, Midi, and Maxi contain 10 DTube Dialyzers and one floating rack that can hold up to four DTube Dialyzers.

The DTube Dialyzers Mega contain 10 or 50 tubes and one or 5 floating racks to hold one DTube Mega in the exchange buffer. Each protein preparation is unique. Give it the special treatment it deserves with a perfectly designed device for buffer exchange, desalting, and removing solutes like urea and detergents.

Select between fast and gentle dialysis using the DTube Dialyzers or diafiltration using the faster Amicon Ultra Centrifugal Filters. EMD Millipore DTube Dialyzer Mini, MWCO 68 kDa Used for dialysis and electroelution of proteins, RNA, DNA, and oligonucleotides from polyacrylamide or agarose gels Manufacturer: EMD Millipore The Floating Rack is designed to hold DTube Dialyzers The Floating Rack is designed to hold DTube Dialyzers in an exchange buffer.

Each Floating Rack, Mini can hold up to nine DTube Dialyzer DTube Dialyzer Features DTube The DTube Dialyzer Maxi kits are provided with two interchangeable caps to adjust the vessel volume to better accommodate smaller samples ( l) and larger samples ( l) Orders Phone 800 854 3417 A review of the Novagen's DTube Dialyzer Kit.

Unbiased reviews by scientists available at Biocompare. com. Use DTube dialyzers for electroelution of samples from agarose or acrylamide; Select the DTube dialyzer thats right for your sample. Select devices are now available on our website. Check back periodically for updates. DTube Mini DTube Midi DTube Maxi

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