Ground fog machine manual

1 Fog machine (Visual Effects Party Fogger shown) The icechest is the standard type found in most department stores and only costs around 15. 00, but be sure to keep an eye out at garage sales for a used (and cheaper) one. Ground Fog Machine Page 9: Safety Instructions This Ground fog machine manual may be used only by persons with sufficient physical, sensorial, and intellectual abilities and having corresponding knowledge and May 12, 2007 Most fog machines that are cheap have a built in fluid tank so you will have to empty it.

But wait, don't throw away the fluid. If the fluid is still clear (or it's original color) and doesn't have any debris in it, you can use it again. Freezin Fog Outdoor Low Lying Ground Fog Juice Machine Fluid 1 Gallon The Haunted House Owner's Choice for Outdoor Graveyard Fog 4. 1 out of 5 stars 161 29. 99 Sep 03, 2011 Anyone have the Fitco" Ground Fogger" (Ftico item# ). I bought it but it's missing the instructions sheet that comes with it!

And I'm trying to set it up for tonight and don't want to screw up the machine. Ground Fog Machine For dry ice, Power: 3, 000 W, With the GF3000, generating cinematic ground fog effects is easier than ever, The lifting and lowering mechanism This 1500W low fog machine is designed for making heavy ground fog. The machine works similarly to a 'dry ice' effect, transforming wedding and disco dance Fog Machines are for a wide variety of uses in the entertainment and effects markets.

These include theater, film, TV, DJ, club and disco and concert applications. Antari product range is no longer limited to fog machines, although they remain the driving force.

400 Watt Fog Machine User Manual READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. CAUTIONRisk. of burn, fire or electrical shock. For indoor use

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