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Full text of" Instructions for Unpacking, Setting Up and Operating Edison Amberola Phonographs (plus bonus instructions)" See other formats INSTRUCTIONS FOR Unpacking, Setting Up and Operating Edison Amberola Phonographs NOTICE This instruction book is furnished as a guide for Edison owners Dealers wll please see that it is not removed.

Edison Internal Horn Phonographs, the Amberola Models Upright with open shelf base. Shares mechanism of the Edison Opera Phonograph. Amberola IV. Introduced 1913. Mission oak case. Mechanism adapted from Edison Home and Standard. Amberola V.

Introduced 1913. The golden oak cases resemble those of the 30 Amberola. THE SERIES Apr 12, 2011 Edison Amberola model 30 What Should I Know I am new to the form and the Amberola Model 30.

I have recently purchased an original one has not been restored, works fine should it be cleaned and what have you Edison amberola 30 manual should it be left alone and in its original Patina. P226E Amberola 30 topfront GRILLE P385A GASKETS for Edison Sapphire, Amberola Diamond, Victor Concert, etc L205 Zonophone Booklet: " The ZonOPhone is the Best Talking Ma The Amberola I displayed cabinetry of exquisite worksmanship, but by the time we arrive at the Amberola 30 the cabinet work had degenerated to the cheapest possible expedient.

It is a rare Amberola 30, literally one out of a thousand, that does not suffer from some degree of veneer peel. 4004AM Spring Barrel Winding Gear& Shaft Model 30 15. 00 4005AM Spring Barrel Winding Gear& Shaft Model 50& 75 15. 00 4006AM Spring Barrel Mounting Bracket Model 30 20. 00 A recreation of an antique Edison Amberola instruction manual. (a booklet like this came with Amberol machines when they were new) Pages 1 through 5 are duplicates of the original text. The last page is more modern information on caring for your Edison Amberola machine.

May 03, 2012 Another quick video of the amberola, this little machine sounds great, if I could attach it to a large horn it would sound like a disc machine.

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