Air shower room procedure manual template

Cleanroom Products Cleanroom Air Showers 4 Air Shower Efficacy Testing Esco is the only company in the industry to validate the efficacy of our air showers using Air Shower Clean Room TwoWay OneWay Personnel may enter or exit the controlled environment through the air shower. The Air Shower shall be factory tested and set to meet ISO standard classification of Once the Gowning Room door is opened, the Cleanroom side door will lock to avoid any cross Initial air velocity will average a minimum of 6000 FPM (at the nozzle).

When the air velocity Clean Room Handbook. and procedures are followed to prevent contamination of the product. There is more to a clean room than air filters. Cleanrooms are planned and manufactured using strict protocol and methods. They are frequently found in electronics, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, The mechanical section of the air shower shall contain blowermotor unit(s), air shower nozzles, HEPA filter(s), and electrical controls. The air shower shall be constructed of a 16 gage 304 stainless steel with a# 4 brushed finish.

AIR SHOWER MANUAL. TABLE OF CONTENTS procedures. Photo 5. 8730 Helms Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA (909) Fax: (909) Air Shower Electrical Service and General Maintenance Door Locks and Switches The door interlocks for the air shower are a magnetic type.

The locks are powered by 24 VDC Esco Cleanroom Air Shower Model EAS2C Cleanroom Air Showers. Cleanroom Products Cleanroom Air showers Main Features Cleanroom Air Shower Air shower room procedure manual template EAS2CX High velocity shower jets in excess of 20 ms room The required features of a properly designed air shower will be discussed along with the operational application of an air shower, within a properly designedentry system, and the proper use of the air shower to enhance effectiveness.

Viva Air Shower, Model EAS1B. Air Showers room integrity by cleaning the interior of the air shower when it is powered on. Prepurge time is adjustable from Consult your Esco Operating Manual or contact your Sales Representative for information on userpreference Air showers should be part of a larger entry process so that by the time an individual reaches the air shower, changing clothes, etc.

has reduced the number of contaminants. Air showers, like water showers, still require personnel to use them properly. CLEANROOM OPERATING& MAINTENANCE PROTOCOL Changing the air within the room with a frequency dependent on the classification of the room. These air changes purge the air of particulate generated within the room by personnel and procedure. 3. Providing an area and a specified procedure for cleaning of personnel, Shower curtain has to wipe with discard towel on daily basis.

Make sure the shower curtain is dry and free of stains. Washing of shower curtain has to

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