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I am editing a 100 page document in latex, document class is" book". The first few pages of the document have roman page numbers, the rest have arabic page numbers starting with one. I. e. the document has page numbers iiv, followed by pages 1120. This counter can be set manually at any time using the command, where number is the new page number youd like. Note that this can result in duplicate page numbers.

Note that this can result in duplicate page numbers. This is how you can manipulate the page counter, and the \thepage command that determines what will be printed as page number. \romanpage would give roman numbers, \alphpage a, b, c The other sensible solution is to use the fancyhdr package, as suggested before.

you can usually set the desired page number by \setcounterpage68. there are some commands, e. g. \chapter, that may result in an increased page number (see below); in such a case, you should set the value to one less than what you want to start with. Manually set page number in latex. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I am writing my PhD thesis. My table of content is fine except for the first entry.

I am getting out put like following. Table of contents Inner page ii content ii I want to change the first entry to page number i, like following: The commands that control the page numbering are: \frontmatter The pages after this command and before the command \mainmatter, will be numbered with lowercase Roman numerals.

\mainmatter This will restart the page counter and change the style to Arabic numbers. Jun 27, 2012В  LaTeX forum Page Layout Change Position of Page Number. Information and discussion about page layout specific issues (e. g. header and footer lines, page formats, page numbers). 7 posts Page 1 of 1. ParkaDude Posts: 4 page number absent at the first page of each chapter; A page in LaTeX is defined by many internal parameters.

Each parameter corresponds to the length of an element of the page, for example, \paperheight is the physical height of the page. Here you can see a diagram showing all the variables defining the page.

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