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Nigel Hack


A home base in Spain’s capital has allowed Hack and his team to develop relationships with locals across Spain and Portugal that are key to their inventive itineraries. Past guests have met with art restorers in Seville, beekeepers in the Alentejo, and world-renowned chefs in Barcelona. More recently, Hack explains, they’ve developed itineraries that connect visitors with the movers and shakers that are reinventing the Iberian peninsula — such as two of Madrid’s top graffiti artists — to help connect the dots between the traditions of the past and the creative movements of today. “The experience demonstrates how the city is the cradle of not just old masters, but also blossoming new talent,” Hack says. His own family vacations in Spain and Portugal with two sons in tow have given him a knack for planning family-friendly trips — and selecting the right tour leaders for the job. “Any parent will know that there is a crucial moment where excitement becomes boredom or tiredness, and for me it was imperative to develop a roster of guides that were in tune with these infinitesimal signs,” Hack explains. “The pairing of guides to clients is one of the features we take the greatest pride in engineering, and I have worked hard to build a team to suit families of all ages, ranging from Pepo in the Spanish Pyrenees, who perfectly complements a family of adventurous teenagers, to Barbara in Barcelona, whose inexhaustible charisma has been enchanting families for years.”


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Minimum Daily Spend: No minimum

Trip Planning Fees: None

Contact Info | 34-91-758-0063 | Madrid


"I had a problem originally planning for a trip to northeastern Spain and Portugal, since the area is not as well traveled by North Americans as other parts of Spain. Nigel understood right away that we did not want a ‘boilerplate’ itinerary, and his planning was meticulous and imaginative. He always responded quickly and met all of our expectations. While on the trip, we never got the sense that we missed anything that we should have seen. All of the guides he picked were competent; some were exceptional. They were always able to adjust to our needs. The hotels and restaurants he suggested were consistently what we were looking for. Nigel was a major contributor in making this one of our favorite vacations." - Bud Weingarden