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Henry Cookson


Cookson holds a world record for the first expedition to the Antarctic Pole of Inaccessibility by foot, and his goal is to share the exhilaration of polar travel with clients. No request is too ambitious, and he frequently hosts trips himself. Cookson sometimes devotes an entire year to meticulously planning a client’s trip, often collaborating with scientists, pilots, astronomers, and conservationists. An itinerary might include searching for polar bears in Svalbard, Norway, or yachting around the Antarctic Peninsula. He also has extensive experience with submersibles, which enables his clients to visit previously unexplored waters — and one of his clients recently discovered a Roman shipwreck while aboard a submersible in the Mediterranean. “Running trips to the polar regions requires a strong and diverse network, meticulous planning, and often our trips have helicopter and submersible involvement which require safety assessments and complex permitting,” Cookson says. “This takes considerable time and effort, but we always aim to create unique and outstanding adventures for our clients.”

Additional Specialties: Submersible adventures

Languages Spoken: English

Minimum Daily Spend: From $4,000 per person per day

Trip Planning Fees: From $2,000; can be applied to trip cost

Contact Info | +44 7990 069 554 | London